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Covid Virus Update 4/05/20 : Based on the guidelines set out in our Government's Roadmap we must continue to postpone the restart of our courses for at least another few weeks into the Summer. Our Taoiseach has advised us that the Road Map is a living document so we are hopeful of a return that's not too far in the distant future. We, like yourself I'm sure, are keeping a close eye on all developments and are preparing for our earliest possible return date when we'll resume from where we left of. We are in constant communication with all of our venues to keep up to date with their earliest opening dates too. Our Instructors are using this time to brush up on their skills and we're putting together lots of new ideas for your courses. Your patience throughout this time has been invaluable to us and for this we are so grateful. This enables us to return as we were before so I'd like to say a very Big Thank You to You on behalf of myself and all of the Instructors here. We will remain, as ever, flexible with regard to which ever term you wish to return for. Owen and all of the Just Dance and Fitness Team.

IN THE MEANTIME !! Please take a look at our YouTube and Social Media Channels by clicking on the Tabs at the top right of our Homepage here.You'll find Dance and Fitness tutorials there and we'll be adding new content for you over the coming days. Please Like, Subscribe, Follow, leave comments, requests, suggestions etc and we'll get back to you with an answer! For Fun For Fitness, for Life...it's got to be Just Dance and Fitness! See you there !

No Pre-Registration, No Hassle!

To register for any of our dance courses in 14 locations around Dublin simply arrive 30 minutes early on the first night of your chosen course.


Start any course in our next term and receive a €10 Discount card for any course in our following term ! For Fun, For Fitness, For Life...... It's got to be Just Dance and Fitness !

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