Do I Need A Partner For The Dance Class ?
No dancing partner or dance experience is necessary to get started!

What Do I Wear To The Dance Classes/Course ?
For Hip Hop and Zumba classes we recommend any sort of Leisure wear and runners or something of that nature , for Come Dancing Dublin classes we simply recommend you wear something comfortable (preferably no heels for beginners!) For Pole Fitness we recommend Shorts/cropped bottoms/three quarter lengths and a t shirt, runners are recommended for beginners.

How Do I Register For A Dance Class/Course ?
Simply arrive 30 minutes before the class starts on the first evening of your chosen course.

How Long Does A Dance Course Last ?
All of our dance courses are for 6 weeks and cost just €65 (unless otherwise stated.)

When Are The Fees Paid And By What Payment Method ?
Fees are paid upon registration on week one by cash or cheque. If you are paying with a gift voucher you can either print off your voucher or show the e mail confirmation on your phone upon registration. Course entry will not be permitted without your course voucher or e mail confirmation.

What Covid procedures have you adopted  ?

We all want to stay safe so we are utilising as many safety procedures as we can in order to make each class an hour of fun !

We are advising all students to not to attend should they suspect they have any Covid Symptoms. Don’t worry if you miss a class or two. You can always make them up with us whenever you feel better. Please notify us via e mail, on the day of your class, should you be unable to attend your class that evening. If you wish to do a make up class in the future please e mail us your make up class request one week prior to the make up class.

We are maintaining social distancing whenever possible during our classes. As a result some of our class structures might take on a slightly different shape. We’ll always endeavor to keep things fun and educational !

Our Instructors will be changing the way they instruct so as not to be in the immediate vicinity of their students for too long at a time. When it is necessary to come a little closer they will be utilising either a face mask or a visor.

We are maintaining registration records so as to provide efficient contact tracing facilities.

In conjunction with our venues we are providing Hand Sanitiser, tissues etc at all of our classes and the correct cleaning facilities in Washrooms.

In conjunction with all of our venues we are ensuring that all surfaces such as door handles, tables etc are kept clean.

Face coverings are optional so please feel free to bring your own and wear one during your class. Try to use one that doesn’t hinder your sight or breathing for obvious reasons ! Please be aware that some students may not be able to wear face coverings for medical/personal reasons etc.

What happens if I don’t arrive at a term which I have deferred to?

Please note that if you do not arrive at a term which you have deferred to and have not given notice that you will not be attending prior to the start date of that term your course fee and/or credit will be forfeited. 

Can I use credit over multiple terms?

Please note that is not possible to spread credit out over multiple terms. All credit due must taken within the same six week term.

What Is The Minimum Age To Take Part In A Pole Fitness Course At Just Dance and Fitness?

You must be 16 years or older.

How To Use Gift Vouchers at group courses?
You can either print your voucher or present your confirmation e mail on your phone upon registration. Access cannot be granted without a voucher or e mail confirmation. One voucher entitles one person to one six week dance course at Just Dance and Fitness.

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