Come Dancing Dublin

Come Dancing Dublin

The standard ballroom dances are danced worldwide by a huge variety of different people. Forget the image of ball gowns and evening suits, only within the international competition scene will you find this dress as the norm. Social dancers these days can be found wearing anything form ripped jeans to full evening wear when attending functions. The image of ballroom dancing is changing and becoming more and more useful as a tool for socialising. Nowadays it is cool to be able to dance and the doors are open to all. It is no longer reserved for the “Golden Oldies”.

The dances most associated with the style are the Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, the Viennese Waltz (old time waltz) and American Smooth. American Smooth has recently been made famous by the stars of Strictly Come Dancing!

A basic knowledge of these dances will give you the ability to find your way around the dance floor to practically any music.

It’s so easy! No experience or partner necessary for our Come Dancing Dublin classes!

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